ExoEarth provides "EXOCURE®", a treatment using mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes based on cutting-edge life science, at affiliated clinics and medical institutions.

It is known that mesenchymal stem cells have pluripotency beyond the difference in germ layers and produce a large amount of VEGF (vascular endothelial cell growth factor).

In addition, EXOCURE®, which is provided to affiliated clinics and medical institutions employs mesenchymal stem cell exosomes derived from dental pulp, and as described above, it is characterized by a very high capacity to produce NGF and BDNF compared with other mesenchymal stem cells.

 TERT-inducing Activity

Dr. Bill Andrews has identified "TAM," a substance that transiently induces telomerase expression in human cells, which was identified in 2007. Since then, hundreds of thousands of substance investigations have been conducted, and dozens of species including chemical substances and natural products have been identified.

ExoEarth has commercialized supplements and other products containing "TAM" identified by Dr. Bill Andrews.

Telomerase Activating Molecule

 Telomere Analysis

We work with LIFE LENGTH, a spin-off company at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre which has the technology to measure telomeres individually at a chromosomal level, and provides the “Leukocyte Telomere Length Analysis Service” which comprehensively analyze and evaluates the telomere length associated with age-related diseases.


LIFE LENGTH is certified as a clinical laboratory under the US Federal CLIA Act IS0 15189.

LIFE LENGTH's technology is used by medical institutions in 40 countries around the world.

Point 1  Telomere analysis of leukocytes (approx. 100,000) that correlate with organs throughout the body

Point 2  Comprehensive evaluation of the total length of telomeres using a histogram

The feature of the Leukocyte Telomere Length Analysis Service is that it can measure short telomeres that are deeply associated with diseases, which cannot be measured by conventional telomere tests.
In addition to the mean telomere length, the median telomere length and 20th percentile value that shows the short telomere length are described in the result report. This service provides a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of telomere lengths, which are factors associated with age-related diseases.

[ Evaluation report ]
①20th percentile telomere length / ②Median telomere length /③ Mean telomere length /④ Comparison of each acquired value by age / ⑤Time-series comparison of individual values

 Aging Biomarker 

Affiliated Clinics and medical institutions operated by ExoEarth utilize the biomarker "PhysioAge", which is a biomarker of major organ functions that calculates (visualizes) the overall degree of aging.


PhysioAge was used as a clinical examination with specialized equipment by Dr. Joseph Raffaele. It was used for 20 years to observe physiological changes that affect health and longevity using multiple indicators proved to be useful for understanding health conditions. It is a software program designed according to the purpose of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine in 2010.

Currently, 450 diagnoses and 150 types of data can be viewed.

Although there are many ways to utilize the program, it can help patients and their healthcare providers to look into treatment benefits and optimize the aging process, while comparing the data of the major organ functions managed by PhysioAge.

 Cancer Diagnosis by miRNA Analysis

Currently, there are more than 42 types of tumor markers in the world. However, it is difficult to detect early stage cancer because most of the markers detect proteins in necrotic cells.

Unlike conventional tumor markers, the "Cancer Diagnosis by miRNA Analysis" is a diagnosis that can detect 13 types of cancer at an extremely early stage by collecting exosomes in the blood and analyzing the miRNAs in exosomes.

Affiliated Clinics and medical institutions operated by ExoEarth are also preparing to provide the "Cancer Diagnosis by miRNA Analysis".

 Professor Ochiya served as the project leader, and as a NEDO research and development project, he constructed a blood microRNA expression database by utilizing the vast amount of clinical information and biobank samples accumulated since 2014. The world's first practical application of 13 types of minimally invasive and highly sensitive cancer early detection diagnosis system technology.

 Skin Penetration Technology

It is known that it is useful to penetrate the stratum corneum with active and useful ingredients (such as vitamins and amino acids, which are essential components of the human body) that do not originally exist in the skin to prevent skin aging. However, the current situation is that no technology has been established to penetrate the stratum corneum without changing the essence of active ingredients and useful ingredients with large molecular weights.

Challenges of Nano-sized Useful Ingredients

Currently, in many basic cosmetics, ultra-high pressure is applied to organic components in order to deliver essential components of the human body such as vitamins and amino acids with large molecular weight to the stratum corneum. A technique is used to penetrate the skin barrier (lamellar structure) by controlling the component particles in the range of 30-100 nm.

However, it is not publicly known that the original purpose is not achieved because the essence of organic components is actually destroyed when ultra-high pressure is applied.

Anhydrous Nano-emulsion

We have established an innovative nano-emulsion technology (anhydrous nano-emulsion) that delivers the necessary ingredients to the skin at the necessary sites with the necessary amount at the right time without changing the essence of active and useful ingredients with large molecular weights.

  1. Non-heating (uncompressed) :Does not destroy the properties of the effective ingredients inherent in the ingredients
  2. Anhydrous Nano-emulsion :Effective (useful) ingredients that are not stable when dissolved in water can be converted to Nano-forms
  3. Speeds up Penetration/Transmission:Delivering effective ingredients directly and speedily deep into the skin
  4. Organic solvent free :Preventing alteration of effective ingredients and ensuring safety
  5. Preservation free :No need the use of preservatives because they are anhydrous


ExoEarth uses this technology to commercialize skin creams and other products for protecting near-infrared rays for athletes and outdoor workers.