Business Overview

 Business Overview


We will contribute to create a society where people around the world can live a long healthy life.

The development of medical technology has brought longevity, and the “100-year life” is just around the corner. Medical care in the “100-year life” can “improve quality of life (QOL)” despite chronic illnesses and certain obstacles, rather than focusing on curing diseases and maintaining life as in the past. Therefore, it is important to focus on the acquisition of " health* " that includes physical, mental and social implications. Currently, a paradigm shift in various aspects is required towards the “100-year life” in the medical field.

Our mission is to create “a society where people around the world can live a long healthy life”.The key to achieving the mission is not the conventional two-choice medical care of "illness" or "health", but the creation of a medical system that allows you to manage and check your own health condition on a daily basis and take care of it before it becomes a major health issue.

WHO definition of Health: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

 Business Domain

ExoEarth aims to establish preemptive medicine in order to create “a society where people around the world can live a long healthy life”, and "Cell Activation Method" based on exosome and telomere research, which is the cutting-edge research area of life science. We are promoting our business to expand the medical environment where we can provide one-stop new medical services that reflect the latest research in the medical field.

One-Stop Medical Service by Cell Activation Method

Preemptive Medicine
Medical treatment that prevents the onset of a disease by early intervention in the pathogenic mechanism of a disease that is considered to have a high risk of contracting a specific disease based on the genetic factors and lifestyle of each individual.
Preemptive Self-repairing Medicine
Medical treatment that works on endogenous cells to regenerate tissues and functions not only at the stage of preventing the onset of pathological conditions but also at the stage of progressing each pathological condition after the onset to prevent further aggravation.
Precision Medicine
Medical treatment that classifies groups that are susceptible to specific diseases based on differences in genetic information, living environment, and lifestyle, and provides disease prevention and treatment methods according to individual risks and characteristics.

 Business Model

Domestic Business Model

ExoEarth promotes “Cell Activation Method” based on exosome and telomere research, which are the cutting-edge research areas of life science, in order for all people to regain their original “health” and live a prosperous life.