Personal Information Protection

 Personal Information Protection

 1. Collection of Personal Information

When collecting personal information, we shall designate a person in charge of handling the information and clarify the purpose of collection, and shall do so within the scope necessary for the achievement of legal and fair objectives. We properly manage the personal information we collect, and use or provide it only to the extent that we have obtained the consent of the information provider. We will not disclose or provide it to any other third party.

 2. The Use and Management of Personal Information

We will establish an internal system to take all possible preventive measures against unauthorized access, falsification, destruction, leakage, loss, etc. of personal information, to ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information, and to take immediate corrective measures in the event of a problem.

 3. Collection of Personal Information

We will comply with laws, regulations, socially recognized guidelines, and other norms relating to personal information. We will formulate a Compliance Program (JIS Q 15001 compliant) to protect personal information to spread and ensure compliance throughout the company, and also conduct the necessary education, enlightenment, and audits.

 4. Formulation, Implementation, Maintenance, and Improvement of Personal Information Protection Regulations

We will review the compliance program for the protection of personal information as appropriate in light of the management environment, continuously improve it, and endeavor to maintain appropriate management.

 5.  Consultation and Complaints Regarding Personal Information

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